Russell Investemenst held their 2017 Summit in Auckland on the 1st June, 2017. 153 delegates attended the event (76 PCS & 77 Institutional) representing an estimated $13billion of AUM.

Dr Alan Dupont’s gave a plenary lecture on the changing shape of the international geopolitical landscape.

The New World Disorder

Geopolitical shocks are shaking the very foundations of the established international order, ushering in a period of great change which has been characterised as the “new world disorder.” The UK’s surprise Brexit decision, the equally unanticipated election of Donald Trump as the 45th American President, and the widespread rejection of “politics as usual” in the democratic West are illustrative. But are these trends fleeting or do they presage a long-term, cyclical shift in geopolitical and economic power?

Geopolitical expert, Professor Alan Dupont, discusses the new world disorder and argues that we are moving from a world dominated by Western values and the financial and military power of the US to one that is more fragmented and contested
by rising, or resurgent, states and non-state actors. Disruptive transnational forces and technologies are accelerating geopolitical and economic change and further complicating investment decision-making. He also shares his latest views on the
Trump presidency and the power struggles between the US, China and Russia, and the implications for New Zealand investors.

Summary Article: The New World Disorder