In Syria, Trump must collude with Russia

April 13, 2018

President Donald Trump is under enormous pressure to respond militarily to the latest provocation by the Assad regime, but he would do so against all of his instincts and earlier pronouncements to end US military involvement in the Syrian war.

Just days before the chemical attacks in Douma, Trump announced he wanted US troops out of Syria within months, and that the fight against the Islamic State was largely completed.  Read more

New world order: momentum is shifting in favour of dictators

February 10, 2018

Are Russia and China deliberately undermining democracies in order to replace the Western-led liberal international order with their own authoritarian model? This is the central claim by the recently released US defence strategy, the most important in a generation. And it’s a belief that is driving the Turnbull government’s tougher response to foreign interference. Read more

A Foreign Affair (ABC Radio National)

July 27, 2017

Alan Dupont joins the panel on Radio National to discuss recent border flare-ups between India and China, Australia’s new Home Affairs Ministry, and orders for Indonesian police to shoot drug traffickers.

Listen to the full program here.