About The Cognoscenti Group

Expert analysis & foresight

The Cognoscenti Group provides high quality, tailored advice on geopolitical, financial and national security trends, especially for Asia and the Middle East, drawing on the talents of our senior associates and an unsurpassed network of globally linked experts with long experience in their respective fields. We work at the interface of geopolitics, economics, business, technology and national security to provide superior cross sectoral analysis and foresight for business and government focusing on both risks and opportunities.

Our advisory services are personalised, relationship based, outcomes oriented and designed to add value, knowledge, perspective and capacity to your organisation. We can help you problem solve and manage risk by anticipating or mitigating the impact of disruptive strategic shocks. But we are also focused on opportunities to capitalise on risk through superior decision making and preparation.

Our extensive network of experts means we can respond quickly to fast moving events and provide timely, relevant advice through reports, personal briefings and video links.

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Geopolitics
  • Transnational challenges
  • International finance
  • Defence and foreign policy
  • Intelligence and national security
  • Asia and the Middle East

Cognoscenti Advisory Group