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In a world of heightened conflict and multiplying threats, the ability to accurately assess geopolitical risk is crucial for governments, business and private investors regardless of the enterprise or portfolio. As the world continues to shrink and people become more interconnected, apparently distant or peripheral events can quickly have adverse local and personal consequences. Our experts can help separate geopolitical “noise” from the trends, events and threats that really matter.

Transnational challenges

Geopolitical risk has been traditionally defined in military terms. However, the 21st century security landscape features many hybrid and non-military challenges to security that can be enormously destabilising. Examples are the rise of global terrorist networks, climate change, pandemic diseases, unregulated population movements, malicious cyber-attacks and food, water and energy insecurity. Many of these issues cannot be understood by conventional analysis. We have world class analytical capabilities at our disposal to help you comprehend and manage the impact of these complex, linked, challenges.

International finance

Trillions of dollars now routinely circulate the globe at once undreamed of nano-second speeds affecting politics, economics and our daily lives in ways that are increasingly difficult to anticipate and manage. We specialise in providing insights into the nexus between geopolitics, international financial flows, financial decision-making and the implications for business and investor risk.

Asia and the Middle East

Our firm is globally informed but has a particular regional focus on Asia and the Middle East. Asia accounts for nearly 60 percent of the world’s population and 45 percent of its GDP, while the Middle East is home to many of the world’s most serious and intractable security problems and remains a major energy exporter. Our analysts typically combine deep country and regional knowledge with first rate communication and writing skills to help give you the edge over competitors and stay ahead of the curve.

Intelligence and national security

We are now living in the national security era. Good intelligence is critical to navigating its defining shoals and perturbations. We blend an insider’s understanding of the arcane world of intelligence and national security with a discriminating, outsider’s objectivity about the issues confronting national security and intelligence communities. For business and investors, we can bring together top intelligence and national security analysts, and former practitioners and senior policy makers to advise you on threats and opportunities, drawing on best practice analytical tools and methodologies.

Defence and foreign policy

Defence and foreign policy were once the boutique domains of the military and diplomats, but no longer. The previously distinct boundaries between defence, foreign affairs and public policy are blurring requiring business, industry, investors and the media to better appreciate the centrality of defence and foreign policy for employment, economic prosperity and international security. Our experts are eminently qualified to provide this understanding as well as creative solutions to defence and foreign policy problems.


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