A Foreign Affair discussion on Britain, Russia, China and Afghanistan

January 26, 2019

A Foreign Affair discussion focusses on the British and Brexit, Putin’s alliances and his visit to Serbia, China’s space race and what this means to globally and recent attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan and what this means for peace talks as well as ISIS attacks in Syria against US marines. Read more

A Foreign Affair: North Korea, Syria, Hungary and France

April 28, 2018

Gorana Grgic, Alan Dupont, and Jonathan Pearlman join Geraldine Doogue to discuss the developments and set backs in foreign affairs for the month of April.

Topics covered are the North Korea Summit’s, the Syrian airstrikes; the Hungarian election and French President Emmanuel Macron addressing the European Parliament. Read more

A Foreign Affair (ABC Radio National)

July 27, 2017

Alan Dupont joins the panel on Radio National to discuss recent border flare-ups between India and China, Australia’s new Home Affairs Ministry, and orders for Indonesian police to shoot drug traffickers.

Listen to the full program here.

Islamic State push to establish South East Asian caliphate threatens Australia

July 23, 2017

Quote: “Dr Dupont, chief executive of strategic risk consultancy The Cognoscenti Group, said the scale of the Marawi uprising, which has seen almost 100 troops, 50 civilians and 400 terrorists killed showed it was significantly planned and financed. He said whether it would be enough to inspire other uprisings was still unknown but a groundswell of Islamic conservatism made for fertile ground for fundamentalist teachings and ultimately extremism.”
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