There are growing signs that Islamic State cells are preparing for violent insurgencies in southern Philippines to build a prized so-called caliphate on Australia’s backdoor.

The establishment of an entrenched caliphate in the Philippines, at worst, brings the risk of suicide bombers and chemical weapons attacks in Australian cities, a leading Australian expert has warned.

Alan Dupont, chief strategist and defence analyst for The Cognoscenti Group, told that he expects the Islamic State threat in the Philippines to worsen over the next two years.

Would-be Australian jihadis and other foreign fighters drawn to a self-styled caliphatewould pose a serious and deadly risk to national and regional security, Dupont said.

“Those fighters would be upskilled in all kinds of bombmaking and other activities we saw in Iraq and Syria, and those skillsets could then be brought back to Australia and used here,” Dupont said.

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