Women played a key role in ISIS – while there are dangers, countries have a responsibility to see justice done.

A woman believed to be Melbourne-born Zehra Duman has recently resurfaced among the thousands of women and children at al Hawl refugee camp fleeing the last vestiges of the so-called ISIS caliphate.

At just 19 years old, Duman left Australia to join the Islamic State. She married fellow Melbournian ISIS fighter Mahmoud Abdullatif and gave birth to two children. She continued her support of the Islamists after Abdullatif’s death and maintained an active online presence where she promoted ISIS, made threats against Australia, and attempted to recruit others to the caliphate.

Yet now, trapped in refugee camp, Duman claims:

I want to go back to my country … I am an Australian citizen … Both of my kids are sick. My kids have a right at least to be treated like normal kids.

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