Competing with China

June 1, 2018

The United States and China are separated not only by divergent interests, some of which might be reconciled, but by incompatible visions for the future of Asia and the world.

There appears to be a growing consensus in Washington, and in the capitals of many other advanced industrial democracies, that prevailing policies towards China have failed and that an alternative approach is now urgently required.  Read more

Globalisation and Chinese Grand Strategy

January 29, 2018

China is taking steps intended to reduce its exposure to Western economic coercion, while enhancing its leverage over others.

Deng Xiaoping‘s initiation of the ‘reform and opening up‘ programme at the end of 1978 appears in retrospect to be the decisive turning point in the history of modern China. Increasing reliance on market forces, as opposed to state planning, and deeper integration into the global economy, in place of the old policy of self-imposed isolation and virtual autarky, launched China onto a steep growth trajectory. Read more

China’s Understanding of Global Order Shouldn’t Be Ours

January 24, 2018

Niall Ferguson is a prolific public intellectual who has made a career out of shattering shibboleths. At various points he has defended the achievements of the British Empire, argued that the United Kingdom’s entry into the First World War was “the biggest error in modern history,” and made the case at length that Henry Kissinger is a misunderstood idealist.

Ferguson is at it again. In a recent op-ed, he takes on what he describes as the prevailing “myth of the liberal international order.” This piece appeared in China’s Global Times, a pugnacious nationalistic tabloid published by the official People’s Daily. Read more

The Authoritarian Challenge: China, Russia and the Threat to the Liberal International Order

August 28, 2017

Japan-U.S. Program released a new monograph “The Authoritarian Challenge: China, Russia and the Threat to the Liberal International Order” by Dr. Aaron L. Friedberg, Professor of Princeton University.

Special monographs are written by distinguished scholars and experts who have been cooperating on various projects of our Japan-U.S. Program since 2008. This series of monographs aims to raise awareness of a wide range of academic and policy topics related to Japan-U.S. relations, and to provide cutting-edge knowledge by the experts.

Read more

China’s Power: Up for Debate

December 2, 2016

The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. To help make sense of the issue, the ChinaPower Conference will feature a series of debates between leading experts on the nature of Chinese power. Read more